Mic Check

It isn’t uncommon for singers, rappers, poets or spoken word artists to begin their performances by checking their microphone. All in an effort to get their message across smoothly, which they’ve prepared long and hard for. There is no room for error or anything going wrong with their sound. So before it all gets started a mic check is necessary.

Mic checks are also helpful for those who are supporting the artist in making sure their performance is amazing. This is usually the sound engineers or musicians, who value the allotted time for mic checks to ensure that the artist’s platform to share their message is perfect. They also want to make sure that they are doing the best they can to support that artist. Think about it, if anything goes wrong, its not only the performer who will suffer the consequences, but also the team that was supposed to support them.

I find the symbolic inference of microphones to be amazingly powerful. Think about it… a microphone is an object used to make one’s voice louder, clearer and magnified, to be sure that whatever the message is, it will surely get across to all those it is intended for.

Now take some time to think about your platform, which for many of you is social media. Social media has made it more simpler for us to voice our opinions and share our thought about situations that we are passionate about and for the world to hear. But before you post, or open up to share your thoughts, do you check your mic? Check your mic and review your thoughts, how to articulate it and be sure that your message comes across clearly, and not left for others to make their own assumptions. Also be sure to have your team of supporters to ensure that your message is clear. Hey, It’s great to have a team that supports you and wants the best for you right?

Overt the past few years I have come to realize that I had a voice and a suitable platform. But I am sure I barely took the time to check my mic and think about the message I am delivering. I am now making the conscious decision to be more intentional about what I say, where and when I choose to share my thoughts, and how I choose to do so. I know everyone won’t be in agreement with me, and that is okay. But if everyone can feel free and bold enough to share their thoughts, why should I continue to hold my thoughts prisoner to my fears?

I want to make such a huge impact on this world, and I refuse to let my own careless mistakes hinder me. I want to be intentional about the messages I share and keep myself focused on impacting the lives of others. So to inspire you to be the better version of yourself, I vow to be sure to check my mic first.

Mic check…Mic check… Mic check 1,2,3!

2 thoughts on “Mic Check

  1. This is an amazing piece and very inspirational as well. May this be the first of many more beautiful ones to come. You go girl!


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