Living on Purpose

Happy New Year!!

I was super excited to enter this year 2016. Of course I am excited to enter into every new year but I believe that this year has so much more to offer me. I made the consciousness decision to enter this year being more intentional about the things I want to achieve. I am no longer interested in simply allowing things to happen or just going with flow. I want to live on purpose and be intentional about everything I do. I believe that this is a step in the right direction and going to make me be the best version of myself.

Oxford Dictionary defines purpose as the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. I’ve asked myself many times over the past 10 years what is my purpose in life. What was I created to do? Even though I don’t understand my full purpose in life, I have some clarity as to the things I am to accomplish to impact the world and make my mark. One of the best ways for me to fulfill my purpose is to work towards achieving my goals. Working towards my goals means that I am to be intentional and strategic in all that I do.

Here are 3 rules that I am following this year to live on purpose. I encourage you to follow them if you wish to live on purpose as well:

1.Set Goals

Make a plan. I completely agree with the phrase that says those who fail to plan, plan to fail, and I refuse to be part of that category of people. I decided to start the year off right with being intentional about all that I wish to accomplish this year. This is helpful for me in my attempt to live on purpose because I know the things I wish to execute and have the understanding of its connection to me fulfilling my purpose.

Your desire to live on purpose is nothing if you are not strategic in your planning, and that begins with goal setting.

2.Fear Less

For many years I have allowed fear to stifle me and prevent me from doing the things I believe God has called me to do. The fear of being incompetent, fear of not having enough experience, fear of being criticized and the fear of just not being great. Allowing these fears to debilitate me has kept me back from living on purpose because I knew what I was set apart to do but was too fearful to step in to it. I learned a few years ago that the things that God has commissioned me to do isn’t just for my benefit, but it is also tied to the lives of many people. I no longer want to be selfish and let my fear of being inadequate prevent me from blazing this earth with my gift.

3. Trust the Process

Yes it is important to plan and set goals, but it is also very important to trust the process. What do I mean? There are only so many thing that are within our control, and many more things that we have no power or authority over. Learning to trust the process and believing that the work you put in to achieve a goal means trusting that things will work in your favor. And even if they don’t you’ve learned to remain calm through that phase, and have allowed yourself to grow and mature. Trust the process by not becoming overly anxious of the things that you cannot control, but instead focusing on what is within your reach and under your authority.

This year I hope to live my life on purpose. I desire to step into my calling without fear debilitating me. I am focused on setting goals and developing realistic strategies to achieve them. Fear has taken an active role in my life, but it is time to switch gears, allow fear to take a backseat and no longer give it the license to distract me from focussing on everything that I am to accomplish. Trusting the process won’t be easy because I am a bit of a control freak, but I understand the importance and necessity for me to understand the things I have authority over. And that which I have power  over I must assertively go forth to achieve.

Join me this year by living on purpose. Be intentional in all that you do. Do not allow fear to take over, but be proactive in taking the necessary steps to fulfill your purpose for being created. Take the time to plan, create and take action so that your reason for being created can shock and impact the world. This is the beginning of your journey to being the best version of yourself… so begin by setting it in your mind to live on purpose.

2 thoughts on “Living on Purpose

  1. Yolanda Adams and Marcus D Wiley used to say “Worry about nothing, pray about everything, and remember LIVE ON PURPOSE!” I loved listening to them! This post was very refreshing and inspirational! Keep up the good work Lady H!!!


  2. Learning to trust the process – that is so powerful and so hard for us to do. We become anxious and forsake the process and opt for the “I want it now” syndrome. Thanks for the reminder! Keep it coming…


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