Fighting The Force of Fear


We’ve all been there… In that dark space with just a tad bit of light shinning through. That ounce of hope that we wish to finally birth into existence, and can only pray that it won’t be a flop or failure. The unconscious struggle between our dreams and the element of fear. Some of us might actually still be in that space. I know that at times I still am; please tell me I am not alone.

But why? Why have we allowed fear to debilitate us from finally giving birth to that passion and God-given purpose? Many of us are still walking around with dreams that have been conceived so long ago, but we aren’t ready to deliver and finally give birth to that gift. Unsure of the unknown and how others will perceive it, we keep it hidden in our attempt to keep it safe. As if keeping it hidden is best for us — well at least that’s the lie we’ve believed. But concealing this dream from coming to life and impacting the world doesn’t only keep us from moving forward, but we also hold back the many people that have been waiting for us to step out boldly to give birth to our purpose and passion, which will propel them to their next level.

I often struggle with being proactive in attaining my goals and fulfilling my dreams because of my fears. This fear has placed me behind by so many years and has kept me bound and lacking the confidence I need to move forward. As a matter of fact, I actually believe that because I’ve allowed fear to win this battle time and time again, hindering me from fulfilling my dream and sharing my gift, I haven’t been able to make more room for new fresh ideas and dreams to be planted, grow or blossom.

Let me present an analogy. I am a sincere believer in retail therapy (even though some people disagree that shopping is therapeutic, I am a believer). I believe that shopping helps me keep calm, and gives me the space I need to clear my mind of stressors that often come with being a responsible adult. Now, with a love for shopping you obviously have to be aware of where all of your new purchases will be stored.  But where are you supposed to put them if you haven’t purged your closet, getting rid of the old, unwanted, unused clothes, to make room for the new purchases. I say this to say that we need to consciously develop the space to be creative, innovative and proactive, by getting rid of the items that take up useless space – fear.  It is simply impossible to be a phenomenal, world changer with fear occupying the space reserved for your dreams and passion.

Now you’re probably thinking – What steps can we take to combat this fear? I really wish I had all the answers, but I don’t. However, one thing is for sure, I refuse to allow fear to continue to win. I am tired of being a loser, exploited and taken for a fool. I am no longer content with not walking in my purpose because of the impeding thoughts conjured up in my mind because I’ve allowed fear to take control. Its time to regain control by first looking fear in the face and join me in saying, “I see you fear. I’ve always noticed your presence and did all I could to avoid contact with you. But that time is over. I am no longer accepting defeat. No longer will I allow you to cripple me of stepping into victory. No longer can you incapacitate me from being a catalyst for change to impact this world. I’m beginning to understand my God-given purpose. And in order to fulfill that purpose, you must go!”

This might not be an easy step, not many steps towards change are. But make up your mind to continue moving forward, and never settle for stagnation or regression again. If you need to write a note to your self as a reminder, or entrust a loved one with the responsibility of encouraging you to continue advancing, then do so. Figure out whatever is necessary to keep you progressing without allowing the force of fear to hold you back again.

4 thoughts on “Fighting The Force of Fear

  1. This blog “fear”, really spoke to me, i definitely envisioned myself a few years back being fearful of taking that extra step to fulfill my dreams. Now that i am in my thirties i feel i wasted so much time, if i would have took hold of my fears in my twenties i would be much further along in life.


  2. Fear is like the devil. I almost let fear get in the way of me obtaining a full scholarship. After going through the steps needed to attain it, at the last minute I backed down. I felt that I wasn’t going to get it. After submitting my application to Hunters Graduate Program, through the regular OYR program. I received a phone call from the admissions office, telling me, I had all the necessary paper work filled out, and asking why did I back down. The man didn’t take any of my excuses. He changed my application. A couple of months later after two interviews. I got it. Since then, I no longer let fear control me, or at least I try for it not to. Thank you for shedding light on how powerful and controlling fear can be.


  3. I force myself to press forward in the face of fear. F.E.A.R is nothing but False Evidence Appearing Real. When I can identify that fear is at the root of an issue, I push that much harder to accomplish the task because FEAR is unstable, not real and doesn’t belong in my circle. Big issue for so many of use. Thanks for sharing!


  4. D!!!!!! Spot on sis!!!! I love you!!! I moss you too!! I’m so glad you are blogging! It’s so crazy how debilitating fear can be. But I thank God for faith and a prayer life. I’m so thankful to have people around me reminding me that “I can do all thibg through Christ Jesus.” I pray that someone else reading your blog will feel this love and warmth and motivation from you to step out in faith. May they know that you are pushing for them even if they don’t know you personally. May they get stuff done! Amen!


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