My Sisters’ Keeper

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 7.49.23 PMSisterhood is amazing! I thank God for my sisters and how he has allowed me to take hold of my responsibility to always ensure that they are good. This is especially true about my relationship with my older sister and my baby sister (god-sister). And although my oldest sister plays her role well as big sis, I can’t help but to always make sure that all is well with her and her family. I love my sisters, Lord knows I do. And the great love that I have for them always causes me to be concerned about their well being-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I am well aware of when I am not balanced in these areas of my life and how it is detrimental to my well being. So I try my best to remain attentive to where my sisters are in these areas as well, so if need be I can intervene and give them the push of encouragement that may be necessary.

Aside from my sisters, I have always kept my dearest friends close to me and at times referred to them as my sister-friends (my friends who I consider close to me like my sisters). I will do anything for them as I would also do for my own sisters. No different from my sisters, my sister-friends also deal with the many circumstances of life that leaves them on a roller coaster-up and down, and around and around. I do what I can to recognize that temporary instability, to help them gain balance by offering an open ear and leaving some love and support for them to absorb.

On my commute to class one morning a few years ago, I thought about the role I play as a sister and sister-friend. I thought about how as women, we all go through things, and many of us tend to walk that path alone because we don’t want to confide in anyone. This is especially the case for women who entrust their “friends” with the details of their circumstances, and their “friends” choose to disregard the importance of honoring their desire to not disclose their story to anyone. And at that time, on the A train riding uptown, I made a vow to myself to be the best sister and sister-friend that I could possibly be. This includes keeping their deepest secrets, always being there when they needed me, and being attentive to when they are seeking love, support, prayers or an open ear, even if they never verbalized that request.

So here is a little something that I wrote during that train ride. It’s been a constant reminder to me of true sisterhood and a reminder of my vow to myself of my responsibility to my sisters.

My Sister, My Sister

Why do you hang your head so low?

Your face hides the pain and heartache of your soul

Why do you battle those things alone inside?

Don’t you see me here?

I am here, to listen and care

Here to show love and support

Just like a real sister should

But you still worry huh?

You worry that another person will come and act as if they truly care?

Worry that another person will listen to your story and then desert you?

Worry that the compassion and love you once heard of no longer exists?

So, you figure you should just hold it all bottled up inside your heart?

You want to keep it safe and secure in the wounded heart that appears to beat normally like that of a healthy person?

You rather hide your scars and seal your pain so there is no room for additional damage?

But I am here my sister

I am here to help and care

To support and to love

Many people may question, and some may complain “Am I really my sisters keeper?”

But I step aside from the crowd and proclaim it loud and proud

“I am my sister’s keeper

And yes, she is mine”

I encourage all of  my sister-friends to take heed, and be attentive to that of our sisters/sister-friends around us. Let’s not deal with our situations alone, and let us respect each other enough to not go blabbering about someone else’s business. It really isn’t that difficult to do. Quiet frankly its sad that it needs to be said this plain and clear. I see great value in women supporting women. There is absolutely no benefit to women tearing each other down. So let’s support each other in being great. This includes attending to the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual battles that our sisters/sister-friends face alone.

And if you feel alone, connect yourself to a trusted individual. Someone you can confide in, that will encourage and support you. And if you still struggle with that search, I extend an invitation to you. Feel free to write me and I will be more than honored to share a word of encouragement.

3 thoughts on “My Sisters’ Keeper

  1. I love this!!! I agree that there is power in women supporting each other, and that we should all be a part of one another’s support groups!! Sisterhood rocks!!
    I would love for young girls to understand this concept as well!!


  2. Love your perspective on this. As women we tend to guard our hearts for fear of disloyalty. We all need to have someone (a friend) we can share our deepest thoughts without fear or regrets.


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