Concert Recap: Purple Purpose

Last week Friday, my husband and I went to see Fatai in concert. She is an Independent Artist (singer/songwriter) from Australia. Let me start by saying that my husband has been a fan of this young lady since he stumbled across her videos on Facebook, sharing her musical gifts with people all over the world. Of course in his amazement, he shared her videos with me and I immediately fell in love with her rendition of “Do You Want to Build a Snowman?” Yes, I am talking about the same song from the Disney movie Frozen. It was too freaking awesome, words really can’t describe it!! But I digress – we went to the concert at the Rockwood Music Hall and she surely didn’t disappoint. Fatai gave her all on that stage, singing some covers and of course a few of her original songs.

Besides her amazing voice and unique musical style, this young lady captivated me with the message she had for the world and she wasn’t afraid to share it. She shared what she believes her purpose on this earth is and whom sent her to do great things. During her set she shared with her audience “Before any possible title that you can give me, a singer, an artist, an annoying 21 year old from Melbourne, anything like that… I am first and foremost a child of God”. This simply blew me away. Not like others haven’t said it already, but Fatai wanted to make it abundantly clear that before anything else she is a believer and a Child of God.

I left her concert feeling so challenged to return back to writing songs and completing my books, but more importantly to use the creative platforms given to me to share my love for God to the world. Writing has always been a passion of mine, but at times I get lazy and doubtful. But this young woman has inspired me to get back to it vibrantly. To be bold in who You believe in and the morals and values that make up who you are as a person is powerful. Unfortunately, too many of us live a life of shame, passivity and without a spark.

So now let me challenge you. Whatever it is that brings you joy, whatever you are passionate about, be great while doing it. And while you share that gift with the world be sure to do it with boldness, assurance and confidence. Never forget who you are and where you come from. Most importantly represent the one who sent you forth. I know Him who sent me, and I will do all I can to please and honor Him in my service to the people on this earth. Now its your turn!

I hope you’ll be inspired by this amazingly talented artist. Please visit her website at, as well as all her social media pages. Enjoy a clip from the concert!!

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