You Are Your #1 Priority

I already know that you are probably thinking this is a selfish statement, and maybe it is. But I rather view it as one of the smartest decisions anyone can make in their lives. Selfish, it may be, but it will surely put you in one of the best places you can be, not just for yourself but also for the people around you. So let me try my best to explain why this is so important.

I have been struggling with this for years and I’ve pretty much straddled the fence between putting myself first and doing all I can do to make sure my family and dearest friends were supported by me. I’ve made myself readily available to push and support others in attaining their goals, while ignoring the need to ignite my aspirations so that I can live purposefully. And although it isn’t a bad thing to push and encourage others, why should I do that while inadvertently neglecting the things I want to do and accomplish in life? This isn’t to say that this is always the case, but if you are anything like me, it certainly feels like this sometimes.

When I struggle with making myself a priority I find myself not as helpful as I could be to my loved ones and friends. I realized that in not doing my absolute best in taking care of myself, I can be of no help to others and their goals. Taking care of myself includes being attentive and in harmony with Deborah; all of me – physically and emotionally/mentally.

My mental stability is dependent on God and the fact that I make the conscious decision and effort to take care of myself. Without taking the necessary time daily to thank God for the sanctity of my mind and all He continues to provide for me, I know how unstable I would be. So it is important to me to continue to keep Him first, as He is the only one that can keep me intact.

I’ve worked very hard to remain in sync with my body, especially paying attention to the times in which I am anxious or stressed because of how it effects my health. Based on previous instances, I came to the realization that if I fail to keep my emotions balanced, at ease, under control (God’s control, as His word grants me peace) and encourage myself that I am destined for greatness, then my health will decline.

How can I be of any good to the lives I impact daily if I am not healthy in mind, body and emotions? I believe that I am in a much better position to be the best loving, supportive, encouraging person for all whom I come in contact with after I take the time to attend to myself and make sure Deborah Hall is well taken care of.

In loving God first, I am able to understand what love means. Not to its fullest, but it’s a continuous process of understanding that enlightens me to grasp the concept of love. And this understanding pushes me to continue shinning my light brighter with each passing day. My desire to impact the world reminds me to do my best and that starts with taking care of myself. And if I never get a “thank you” or any sort of apperception, I can engulf in the fact that I’m living in purpose and spreading love while being the best version of myself.

Do me a favor, take sometime to focus on you. Attend to your physical, emotional and spiritual needs – make it a priority. If you are reading this, you are more than likely passionate about something. So in order to continue to be focused in pursuing your passion, I’m going to need you to be in great shape and good health. Continue shinning your light and impacting others, but make yourself a priority so that you don’t stand in your own way.

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