Get In Position

A few weeks ago during the Thanksgiving holiday, one of my closest friends came home from law school, so we decided to meet up. Our meeting will give us a chance to catch up on what’s been going on in our lives, and most importantly it gave her a brief escape from her busy life as a final year in law student.

We planned to meet for lunch, which then turned into an early dinner. Struggling to make a decision of what to eat we finally settled for Shake Shack. We were hungry! Now Shake Shack was crowded, probably the biggest crowd of people I’ve ever seen in Shake Shack at one time. It seemed to be a regular day, and it wasn’t like this was a newly opened Shake Shack so I could understand the crowd. Refusing to find another place to eat, we order our meals and waited for that little device to begin buzzing so that we can get our food.

Food in hand, we eagerly searched for somewhere to sit so that we can dive into our food. I was ready to scarf down my Chick’n Shack with fries and didn’t want to wait a second longer to enjoy it. We stood still with about 5 other people searching for seats that weren’t yet vacant for us to take advantage of. Finally I told my friend we were better off just using their outdoor seating. Yes, it was a bit chilly outside. And yes, it seems a bit silly to sit in the cold to eat your food. But I rather deal with the chilled breeze, than to keep waiting to eat my food. I had no desire to eat standing up.

We walked outside, and funny enough, there were a few other people that had the same thought and they were already seated, enjoying their meals. So we found a vacant table, and settled in. I looked to my left and through the window I saw a couple inside putting on their coats getting ready to leave. I tapped on the glass to catch the woman’s attention, and once I did, I asked f they were leaving. She said yes, so I kindly asked her to wait for us to come back inside so that we can take the seat. My friend and I rushed inside to take that seat. Finally, we were seated indoors and could finally eat in peace, without the chilled air slapping the back of our necks.

All I could think of as we sat to eat was of how funny it was that we had to go outside to find a seat inside. So, it got me thinking about being in the right place to get that which we had our hearts set on. Now I believe God dropped that in my heart. That’s just how He speaks to me at times. A simple analogy to get me refocused. Can you imagine being so stubborn and not wanting to deal with a lil bit of discomfort or change of going outside in order to get exactly what we needed, a comfy seat to eat our food. The same applies for our daily lives and desires.

My prayer today for all of us is that we will learn how to ask God to place us in the right position to receive our blessings, and that we will go as He directs us. There is no point hearing a good word if we aren’t willing to obey and do as we are instructed. Sometimes what may appear to be further away from your goal, is only getting you in position to get closer and claim it. So get in position!

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