Goals Do Not Expire

fullsizerender-1Happy New Year Readers!!!

Many of you have probably set your goals and new years resolutions already, with great anticipation for change and growth in this year 2017. I surely believe goal setting at the beginning of the year is imperative in setting the tone for progression and maturity for the next 12 months. I also believe that once you have set these goals you should write them down somewhere so that you can refer to them constantly, to keep you on track.

Well, if you’re anything like me, you began this year looking back at the goals you set in 2016 and was frustrated with yourself for not accomplishing all of your goals. I didn’t even accomplish half. I was a bit disappointed in myself because I felt pretty confident about attaining these goals when I wrote them down. I even prayed about it and asked God to lead me and strengthen me. But honestly, I was a bit lazy about it. Yes, I get lazy at times (actually many times) and the spirit of complacency sets in. But how can I get lazy when it comes to the things I am passionate about? I have no idea, but I now know I need to focus on those things as they have inhibited me from completing my 8 goals in 12 months, which were completely doable.

As I was preparing to set my goals for 2017 in the back of my journal as I usually do, for some reason I decided to look back at the goals I set last year.  I aspired to achieve 8 goals, but only accomplished 2. I was disappointed in myself because I thought I would get it right this time around, but I didn’t. Then I thought to myself, there is no need to feel defeated and ashamed for missing the mark because I didn’t accomplish all of my goals in 2016. I still have time! I wanted to share this experience all and inspire you to pursue your goals; the new goals and the old goals from years ago. So, with the 6 goals I didn’t achieve last year, I just added them to my 2017 goals. No shame in not accomplishing the goals at the time I hoped to because goals don’t expire.

The number 7 has been interpreted to be the number of completion and perfection. So as we prepare to move forward in this year 2017, as you set your goals and create a plan to achieve them, I encourage you to see this year as another opportunity to not only accomplish this year’s goals, but to also complete the goals you set to achieve in the years past. There are no expiration dates on our goals or prayers, so don’t abandon them because you believe time has passed you by. As breath still dwells in you, so does purpose and life. Remember to make plans to achieve these goals – don’t just write it down and expect results without working for it. Keep move forward, completing your goals and crossing them off your list. Be encouraged to get things done, and fight the spirit of complacency.

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