Homecoming Post


Wife to Ishmael Hall, my college sweetheart. Youngest daughter of Fidelis and Julia Jasanya, who migrated to this country from Nigeria for better opportunities for themselves. They hoped for a great future for each of their children that will start with great education and endless opportunities. They are the proud parents of three women whom are all excelling in their respective careers. I am the baby sister to Beatrice and Maria who continue looking out for me and guiding me through the many phases of my life. God-sister to Shara, whom I saw grow into an intelligent young woman. Lord knows blood couldn’t make us any closer.

I  have been a good friend to many, offering my support and honesty in the best way I could. Truthful and sensitive in my criticism, but unapologetically real when tough love and reality checks were needed. Fullfilling my role as a friend has improved over the years as I’ve acknowledged the value of good friendships.

Know as aunty to my only nephew and only niece thus far. They have brought such joy to my life as I have watched them grow and develop their unique personalities. Blessed to be a God-mother to two precious gems that I didn’t give birth to but have been entrusted by their parents to love, care, guide and pray continuously for them.

These roles are a core component of who I am and how I identify myself. I take on the responsibilities that come with these roles with pride and honor. This was worth sharing because these various roles help me feel fulfilled in being that sprinkle of light in the life of those I love and are care for. In my journey to becoming the best version of myself, I am often reminded of how these individuals also experience the benefits of my journey and my glow up.


This homecoming is about me returning to a place of transparency, vulnerability, inspiration and love. This platform was birthed out of my desire to share my thoughts, experiences and interactions with others as a means of inspiration to all my readers, to continue working towards being the best version of themselves. That version is possibly yet to be defined, but even without clear definitions or parameters, its existence exudes the hope of the greatness within you just waiting to be manifested.


We live in the age of social media where we can live in one city and yet influence people who live on the other end of the globe. With this return my hope is to inspire those close to me and those who live abroad in various countries. There are universal languages that eases the difficulty of communication like love and music. My desire is to inspire through transparency, relate to others on personal, professional and spiritual levels, to catapult them into their purpose.


What better time than now. Tomorrow isn’t guaranteed to anyone. I hope to end each day knowing that I’ve made a difference in somebody’s life. Waiting for things to be perfect, as defined by the high expectations we place on ourselves, will only prevent us from moving forward. I believe we live in a world of chain reactions, both positive and negative causes. Let me be the pebble and you be the lake, leaving a ripple effect of inspiration, encouragement and passion impacting everyone within our reach, close proximity or oceans apart, as we invoke change.


I believe in you! There has been numerous people in my life that saw greatness in me that I simply couldn’t see in myself. Their consistent words of encouragement, affirmations and support shaped me into the woman I am today. They believed in me and who I was becoming despite my shyness, timidness, fears, insecurities and difficulty adapting to change (whether good or bad). My desire is to pay it forward by sharing love, hope, encouragement, confidence, resilience and motivation. And this homecoming is a reminder of just that — to continue cultivating this platform of edification and inspiration.

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