Embracing The Journey

It was Christmas morning, December 25, 2017 when my husband and I found out we were pregnant. After exchanging gifts, I looked at my husband and told him I felt a bit nauseous. Of course this was weird because I don’t usually feel nauseous out of the blue, but this time I did. He suggested I take a pregnancy test and of course I freaked out. Could this be it? Ahhh, I’m not ready. But of course I wanted to know. We both did! So, I went to the bathroom to take a pregnancy test. We waited together talking about the possibilities as the minutes and seconds went by. Finally, it was time to see the results. Ishmael hit the air drums for a drum roll, and we looked at the pregnancy test together. OMG, we are going to be parents!

The first trimester was interesting. I was nauseous every day and throwing up probably every other day. Not fun at all. Actually, it was exhausting. It was extremely hard withholding the pregnancy news from family, especially when I was always sleeping, exhausted and nauseous. My mother grew annoyed with me continuously missing her calls and only texting instead of calling her back. I would rush home from work just to crawl in bed and sleep. I barely ate because I had a hard time keeping food down and the smell of food cooking made me feel so sick.

I knew there were so many varying pregnancy experiences, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. I was told my feet will swell up, but they didn’t really. Only time it swelled a bit was after walking a few blocks during the summer. I was told I’m going to gain a lot of weight, especially nearing my third trimester, but I didn’t. People low key had me worrying that something was a bit strange with my pregnancy because I wasn’t experiencing what a lot of mother’s experienced during their pregnancies. That is when I learned to just listen to peoples’ stories but to not hold their experiences as the absolute norm for pregnancy experiences overall.


Indication of Labor/ Onset of contractions

My due date came on September 7th, and then it left. Baby Hall was not ready to come out. He was sitting comfortably and will not budge. Every time my family and close friends checked up on me by asking “How are you?”, my response was always “Still pregnant!” I was so ready to give birth. My lower back was hurting so bad. Sitting down and then getting up became the ultimate task. I barely slept because Baby Hall was extremely active, and I simply couldn’t get comfortable. I was over the pregnancy and ready to hold my healthy baby boy in my arms. By the time I was 41 weeks I told my husband that I am asking to be induced at my next appointment and thank God he was in agreement with me.

On Sunday, September 16th we went to the hospital for my appointment with my midwife and I asked to be induced. At 1 ½ cm dilated, she agreed that it was time for an induction. Thank the Lord! I was admitted around 2pm and the waiting game began.

I didn’t experience the induction of labor like on television or the experience of most mothers. My water didn’t break, and I didn’t experience consistent contractions. Baby Hall was relaxing comfortably in my womb and didn’t seem like he was ready to come out.


Labor & Delivery

Prior to reaching 39 weeks, I created a birth plan and had it ready for my midwife. I knew what I wanted throughout labor and delivery and wanted to be sure everyone was on the same page with me. I made the decision very early in my pregnancy to hold off on getting an epidural until I could no longer bare the labor pains. I made up my mind to not rely on an epidural at the beginning of labor, but to keep it as an option if necessary.

On Monday around 4pm and 26 hours after being induced, I was only 4cm dilated and exhausted. I knew that if baby boy was to come at that moment I wouldn’t have the energy to push. I asked for an epidural to be in the best position to do my part in delivering my son. After my epidural and the pain subsided, my husband decided to run home to take a shower. In less than 30 minutes, I jumped from being 4cm dilated to 8 ½ cm dilated. My sister Maria had to call Ishmael immediately to tell him its go time, so he rushed back. As the midwife and nurse began preparing for the delivery, I silently prayed for a smooth delivery. Honestly, I was nervous, excited, scared, and overjoyed. Yes, all at once. I was about to meet my son, whom I bonded with for 41 weeks in my womb. And now I was about to hold him.


Baby Hall is here!!!

Preston Josiah Hall entered this world on Monday, September 17th at 6:42pm. He announced his arrival with one little cry. Without being cleaned up, per my request, the midwife immediately gave him to me for skin to skin contact. With tears in my eyes and praises on my lips, I held my son on my chest thanking God for the precious gift He blessed Ishmael and I with.


Parenthood is an amazing journey thus far. My prayer for all who reads this, whether you are a parent, currently awaiting the birth of your child, or believing God for a baby, His grace is sufficient and sure.


Feel free to email me if you wish for me to join you in prayer and agreement with you for the fruit of the womb.



6 thoughts on “Embracing The Journey

  1. Beautiful! Thank you for letting us in on this experience. I was literally on the edge of my seat while reading. Especially when Ish had to run back. I had that same experience.


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