Aspiring Inspirer

imageBorn and raised in Brooklyn, NY, I believe my life has been nothing short of amazing. I am the youngest of three girls, and was raised by my strong and passionate parents, who were sure to push my sisters and I in the direction of success and upward mobility. Unsure of what my career path would be, after considering so many options, it was difficult to sit in the shadows of my sisters’ successes. My parents encouraged me to see greatness in my gift to the world, and own my role in impacting, inspiring and changing it.

As a young, African American woman, writing has been my escape and place of refuge all in the same. This blog is a journey that I have been planning for years, but allowed the fear of the “neigh-sayers” to keep me from pursuing it. I seek to live my life inspiring people to be the best version of themselves. Now I am ready to share those experiences and inspire you to begin a new journey to a better you.

If you are looking for an expertise in various areas, I am not her. I am simply accepting the fact that I am the expert of my life, and I take value in all I have exposed myself to learning.

My name will be known across the world for my writing, and I will influence the hearts and minds of all who read my work. This is the first step. Its new, challenging, but I’m ready. I hope I inspire you to take the next steps towards being great, and being the better version of you… because nobody can do it better than you.

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